Senryu : Veronica bakes

Veronica bakes
coffee’s perfect with cookies
don’t you want one too?

senryu by M. LaFreniere

Veronica @veronicalee05 makes the cutest cookies! I really want to chomp into one.

I first “met” her on and started reading  her Of Mice and Men blog.  It’s interesting when someone lives in a different country as some things are different but some things are the same like people.  I love this Turn Right post on someone following their car computer directions.  Seriously, you have to see the picture.  Cracked me up.

It’s funny how instagram is very different from a person’s blog as it’s much more photo based.  Well, mostly different.  Her instagram is filled with these cool cookies and I soooo want to eat one.

Our homes aren’t even on the same continent as she lives across the Pacific while I’m here in the Tucson desert.  And there’s no Scotty to beam the cookies aboard and back down.  (Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Cookie delivery by the Enterprise?)  So I asked to photoshop my coffee with her cookies for a virtual coffee klatsch.  She loved the idea.

What do you think? Doesn’t her cookies look awesome?

Isn’t it cool how blogging erases the miles between people as you start to become friends? It doesn’t matter where our homes are; we can still meet and have coffee and cookies.


Of Mice and Men


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