Haiku : Arizona autumn

cactus turns purple
no swirling pumpkins for us
Arizona autumn

haiku by M. LaFreniere

We have our own changing leaves or should I say “paddles”?

Actually while pear cactus does sometimes turn purple with cold, these magenta circles are more likely from the cochineal insects famed for making scarlet dye.

I saw a swallowtail butterfly struggling to sip from a flower Saturday as the wind picked up. Not too far from the pear cactus.

I left the sound as is so you could hear how windy it was.  I felt sorry for it but it kept on trying.  If the wind blew it away, it just kept coming back to the bush.

First time I’ve seen a swallowtail butterfly “in the wild”.  Ok, yes, I saw it walking home so it was next to the sidewalk so “urban wild”? Is that a term?  Up until now I’ve seen it mostly in butterfly houses like at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.

It rained yesterday.  I wonder where butterflies go during  a rain.


10/28/18 note: I did say “monarch butterfly” originally.  Someone pointed out it wasn’t and then I realized it was a “swallowtail butterfly”.  Sorry to anyone who got confused.  See drkottaway’s comment below.