Senryu : pumpkin time

Cinderella runs
dancing too late — midnight chimes pumpkin time is here

senryu by M. LaFreniere

Oops, I thought I wrote a little Cinderella flash fiction but I can’t find it. So does that mean I didn’t write it and just thought I did? Or does that mean I did write it but can’t remember where I saved it?

I think my brain hard drive is overly full of too much stuff — memories, trivia, and random zip codes (I used to work at the post office straight out of high school so yeah, I can probably tell you the zip code of most Arizona towns).  I wish there was a way to selectively clear mental areas of stuff I don’t need like zip codes so that I can stuff more new stuff in.  Maybe some more vocabulary too.  I know you think I used stuff once too often but my brain has gone zzzztttt.  Time to refrag and restart.

Sighs.  I’ll go have a coffee.  It might perk my brain up enough that I might remember if I even wrote the benighted story in the first place.

I love this pumpkin. Made by a very talented barista at Crave Coffee Bar here in Tucson. They’re the best! The barista made a special effort for me because they know I love to take photos of the latte.  Don’t you think this latte art is amazing?

Crave coffee bar
4530 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711

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