Senryu : flower art

dancing flower art
much easier second time
love foaming lattes

senryu by M. LaFreniere

Darn worked on this post last night, got it all finished.  Was adding the featured image and then bang! crash.  No worries I thought, it’ll save it under draft because it has happened before.  Today, nope! It’s not there.  All it saved was the image.  Sighs.  Now I have to remember or write it from scratch.  I hate that when that happens.

Ok, ok, relax.  Start over.

My second attempt at foaming latte art went a lot better.  Yes, I know the flower looks like it’s made out of Play-doh but I like that childlike feel, reminds me when I was 6 and never worried about how good something was accomplished or how it look. It only mattered if it was fun or not.  It’s good to reconnect with that part of me.

When you’re doing something brand new, a skill you don’t yet possess, it’s good to let judgements go and just enjoy it.  Much more fun that way.  Turns out, my 6 year-old self is smarter than me, lol.

What are you doing that new and fun to learn?

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