Senryu : 4 a.m.

four o’clock a.m.
rum and sky blue foaming milk
da Vinci, I’m not

senryu by M. LaFreniere

Well, it’s 4a.m. and I can’t sleep. I’m drinking a little rum. Really! Just a little when I get this bright idea. I want to try latte art. So I watch a few you-tube videos. Why do they make it look so easy? Round and round, a little wiggle and a shake and they have a heart, a flower or a swan. Well, I have some cold brew concentrate I’d made in the refrigerator so maybe first practice with cold foam?

Yeah that sounds good. Luckily I was experimenting with a flower in milk so I had some sky blue milk.

Well, I don’t have an espresso machine or any barista equipment. I have a handheld mixer I use for smoothies, a chopstick and a decrepit chocolate syrup that was for vanilla ice cream ages ago and I never finished off. The chocolate syrup had gotten a little thick over time. You know how you have to shake and shake to get the ketchup out? Yeah, like that.

I decided to make an anime girl’s face instead of starting something simple like a flower. Must have been the rum talking. Hey! I just had a little! Really. So I used the hand mixer to foam up the white milk and the sky blue milk. I put a dollop of white in the middle for her face and surrounded it with sky blue for her hair. Then I tried to drip the chocolate syrup off my chopstick to make the eyes starting with the left eye. It went down in a dripping lump so the poor girl left eye is a bit of a mess. Her lashes ran into her eyebrow, lol. I did better with the right eye though. Nose and mouth came out alright, thank goodness. Then onto the hair. Well, hmmm, looks more like antennae. Actually she looks like a wonky Andorian if you ask me. What? You never watched the original Star Trek? Huh. Better not go there. We’re working on the Andorian latte right now.

The sky blue foam for some reason had big bubbles that started popping right about now. Poor thing. Her hair was starting to look like a cratered moon. Better take a pic before her bad hair day gets worse.

Photo session done, I nuked the cup cuz I needed a hot caffeine jolt after all that. Stirred the foam and chocolate into the now swirling girl. I forgot to add water to the cold brew concentrate so it was intense but good. In a moment everything was gone. At least the masterpiece tasted good. Yeah, I know. Da Vince doesn’t have to worry any time soon.

So what were you doing at 4a.m. this morning?


I first posted it on Daily Dose : Coffee #17 just a bit ago on Instagram but I wanted to share it with you guys too.  I thought one of you might know what an Andorian was.


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