Blast from the past

changing mat colors
forgot to write a haiku
ah well, this will do

by M. LaFreniere

Blast from the past.  I know I already posted this senryu back on September 6th but in blogging days that’s like 6 years in real time!  I didn’t put a photo up with it when I did it then.  Today, I posted it up on Instagram.

Remember I asked about the ad yesterday.  CuriousSteph was very supportive which is very kind.  I need all the encouragement I can get. Both Therasaly520 and CageDunn thought I needed more color.  I already posted that coffee card ad on Pinterest so I will leave it for now.  I expect to do a different trio of cards soon so I’ll do color then.

Meantime since I am posting twice daily on Instagram, it seemed a good place to experiment with color, to see how it looks and which colors I want to use as my “palette”.  It’s a little hard to override my college photo classes training to use white, grey or black mats only.  The idea is that neutrals frame without distracting but that might have come from when people used to do b&w photos for decades.

This morning I posted this teacup photo with the green border, using the jade from the dragon.  What do you think?  I had been doing a latte brown for a few days, after switching from coffee brown.  Coffee brown was great when I was doing latte with foam art but it was too close to the same color for when I did photos at home with coffee.

This latte border was a couple of days ago.  The poem was another blast from the past from way back September 3, 2017 when I was just starting out before I started using my own photos most of the time. That seems light years ago now. I used Engin Akyurt’s photo back then for the poem but when I posted it on Instagram a few days ago, I took my own photo.   I finally found a use for all the cups I collected. They are a bit stacked up on the shelves because every time I see an uncracked pretty one at the thrift store I have to “rescue” it.

I am liking the color because coffee/latte cups in general have a lot of white in them. I’m not really a pastelly person so didn’t want to do a light pastel green so did a more sagey jade green. What do you think? Do you like the pop of color on the border? Or the latte border?


RDP Monday : BLAST
Ragtag Daily Prompt
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