Senryu : Spartan

no truce sans breakfast
Spartan general demands
me? Just coffee. I’m good.

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

(note: apparently there is two pronunciations for “general”.  One has two syllable count and the other three.  I’ve heard both which is why I went and looked it up. For this poem, I’m going with the three syllable pronunciation.)

Apparently Spartan General Clearchus once declared: “There is no man alive who will dare to talk to Greeks about a truce unless he provides them with a breakfast.”  Those guys take their breakfast serious.  I guess you have to if you’re going to march for days on end.

I found this modern Spartan website and it had some cool sounding fast morning recipes: 2-Egg & Beef Microwave Mug Omelet (a 1-minute omelet! awesome! this woman is onto something), Mocha Protein Oats (coffee in her oatmeal — wow! might even make me eat oatmeal) and Egg, Avocado & Sriracha Sandwich.  These breakfasts only run between 220-374 calories.

My idea of the perfect breakfast is a coffee or latte and a croissant.  Or a brownie.  Or a piece of pie.  My mom made the best apple pie which tasted delicious hot or cold. It was awesome to eat that for breakfast.  Second best breakfasts are omelettes and frittatas. Still I have to admit a 1-minute omelette in a mug sounds kinda fun.  I’ll have to try that.  Now that I’m eating healthy.  Mourns my lost croissants.

From Amazon: I was going to share omelette cookbooks but I got distracted by the cooking gear. I love stuff like this.  Aren’t the smiley face pancakes so cute?

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What Ancient Greeks and Romans Ate for Breakfast
by Burke Gerstenschlager, Extra Crispy, September 01, 2016

2-Minute Breakfasts You Can Make While Coffee Brews
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FYI Jennifer has her own blog at The Fit Fork

Ragtag Daily Prompt
from sgeoil

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