Haiku : migration

Tree swallow photograph by Dulcey Lima

a flurry of wings
tree swallows migration swirl
the north’s farewell dance

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

A you-tube video of the tree swallow migration. The music at just during the opener.  Then you can hear the birds.

I think it’s amazing how they swirl together, flying without bumping into each other.  They could teach us a thing or two about avoiding traffic jams.

You can see some close-up photographs in the Swooping Swallows Star in Fall Spectacular article.

Is it me? I think the birds flying together is gorgeous but it also reminds me of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

While they are not endangered, they, like all birds, face some human environmental issues.   According to Wiki:

In some parts of the US, the range of this swallow has extended South, likely due to changes in land use, the reintroduction of beavers, and nestboxes installed for bluebirds. Tree swallows are negatively impacted by the clearing of forests, and there is a documented impact of the reduction of marshes, which reduce the habitat available for wintering. The tree swallow also has to compete for nest sites with the common starling and house sparrow, both introduced to North America.[11] Acid rain that acidifies lakes can force it to go relatively long distances to find calcium-rich items, and it can result in it eating some plastic.[46] Other chemicals, like pesticides and other pollutants, can become highly concentrated in eggs, and PCBs are associated with the abandonment of a pair’s clutch.[11]


From Amazon:

Birding in Connecticut (comes in Kindle too)
The Adventures of Trudy the Tree Swallow.
Note: independently published by author/photographer, no reviews.
The Birds (The famous classic by Alfred Hitchcock)

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Tree swallow

Tree Swallow
The Connecticut Audubon Society

Swooping Swallows Star in Fall Spectacular
by Becky Coffey, Zip06, September 27, 2017

Tree Swallows photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

from Margaret, Pyrenees to Pennines

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