Senryu : obento

Sushi Ten Tempura Sashimi Combo, photo by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Catzlittle squares of food
dainty, delicious, crispy
I love obentos

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

The Tuesday Platform
imaginary garden with real toads

Tummy Tuesday : Sushi Ten
Cactus Catz

Ragtag Daily Prompt
from sgeoil

The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“. Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person. Come and participate by posting writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there. Hope to see you at Ragtag Community!

This week’s Tummy Tuesday (9/25-10/1/18):
Join the Tummy Tuesday’s blog hop. Post anything about food: a restaurant review, a recipe, food photography, a funny food quote, a food song, an essay on food — anything food related because you know like the song says, “Food, glorious food.” Add your food blog post link below.

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