Senryu : indigo sunrise

indigo sunrise
tequila and mandarins
sunny concoction

senryu and photo © M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

So Margaret asked “what does orange mean to you?”  It reminded me I wanted to finish up photographing eight murals the city had commission a couple years back.  I had three already but there were five left and one of them was of oranges and a partridge on a blue background.

Off I went on the bus, tramped around downtown but I couldn’t find it.  Back home looking at a map, I realized that it might be on the alleyside of a building.  That hadn’t occurred to me.  I thought it would be on the main side.  So off I’ll go on another day to capture the elusive oranges.

Meantime I’ve earned myself a drink.  Not really.  I’m on a diet but I made this cocktail a month or two ago.  I’m being semi-good about my new eating habits.  The Indigo Sunrise I’ve christened it for the senryu — had to be something with five syllables, right? Mandarin orange pieces, tequila and a third ingredient.  Can you guess it?


RDP# Tuesday Prompt: ORANGE
Ragtag Daily Prompt
from Margaret, Pyrenees to Pennines
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And in case anyone noticed, I’ve been putting “by M. Nakazato LaFreniere” on my haiku/senryu/tanka pics but the name is just too long, you know.  So on the images I am just going to put “by Cactus Haiku.” It doesn’t take up as much space. I may change my mind. It’s an experiment.