Tanka : graceful dancer

can’t dance, call me Grace
sobriquet for wanna-bes
bumping into walls
alone though nobody sees
twirling, falling, still I dance

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

One of my favorite scenes in Mama Mia! is where all the women start dancing down to the docks.  That feeling we have that no matter how old, how heavy or how clumsy, we have a beautiful dancer inside of us. There is such joy when the music sways the body, the feet taps out a tune.  I’m happy even when I dance alone.  Actually maybe happier dancing alone because then I don’t worry about how my dancing appears to other people.  I’m no Ginger Rogers. But when the music moves me, I don’t care.  Even in a crowd, I don’t care, the people disappear and there is only the song.  Only the song, the dance and me.



RDP Monday :Grace
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Wednesday prompt : SOBRIQUET (ummm, last Wednesday, took me a while but it’s been on my mind since then and finally found the perfect way to use it.)
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