Senryu : a writer’s walk

a mile and a half
the closest grocery store
walked with my backpack

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Ok, it’s not a great senryu but I’m a tad tired.  I needed dishwashing soap and was down to my last toilet paper roll, so I thought I’d go for those two items.  I figured it’d be quicker to walk than take the bus because the bus goes a mile out of the way to catch the connection back to the store.  And they only come once an hour this late at night.

So off I went.  Got the dishwashing liquid and toilet paper.  Then a bag of mandarin oranges and lemons.  Cat odor neutralizer and cleaner (because Midnight has decided since I took him to California he doesn’t want to leave the living room — unfortunately his litterbox is in the garage.  Oh, he’ll leave to eat.   Nothing gets between him and his food, but I digress).

A bag of lime, a mango, mushrooms, a bag of peanuts and two kinds of tomatoes.  A frozen bag each of veggies and fruits. A small thing of yogurt. An ice cream bar (I know I’m on a diet! but I just walked a mile and a half and I’m facing a walk back. I only ate half though, half fell off onto the sidewalk.  I guess Providence is watching out for my diet.)

I put it on my back and thought, “Awww, shit, I’m taking the bus.” However when i checked my phone for the bus schedule, the last bus 17 was gone.  So ok, I’m walking.  I’ll feel virtuous tomorrow about the walk.

Tonight, I made it home but I’m tired, trying to bat out a senryu and ok it’s not one of my best efforts.  So tonight I’m feeling virtuous about finishing my poem.  Sighs.  My days are framed words. I wish they would count as steps. If words counted, I would be soooo buffed and in shape, laughing.  Ok, kid, hand me the tequila.  Not the shotglass! The bottle.  This tired writer is retiring to bed.