Senryu : Coddiwomple Fair

coddiwomple dreams
oeuvre of bucket-list hopes
takes me to the fair

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Yay! Finally caught up to all the RDP prompts.

Sgeoil introduced me to a new word this week: codwopple!  Cool, right?

Ragtag Daily Prompt
from sgeoil
Ragtag Daily Prompt
from Margaret, from Pyrenees to Pennines
from Curious Cat
all three on Ragtag Community

The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“. Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person. Come and participate by posting writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there. Hope to see you at Ragtag Community!

That Elvis Presley movie also marked the debut of Kurt Russell, one of my favorite actors. I am assuming you’ve already seen “Big Trouble in Little China” so this won’t be a spoiler (if you haven’t don’t want the clip, go watch the movie! It’s a lot of fun).  Just a fun clip from the climax