Haiku : strange fruit

dragon fruit, photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reservedpink exotic fruit
so strange. Where did you come from?
The Americas

photo and haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, all rights reserved

I thought dragon fruit came from Asia.  Turns out it’s a cactus fruit.  Sure it’s a strange climbing cactus but it’s still a cactus.  So that means it originated from the Americas but no one knows from where for sure.  Experts think it might be a hybrid but agree all cactus plants had to come originally from the Americas.

I saw it at the grocery store.  My hands itched to buy that pink but I wasn’t sure how to eat it.  Turns out I had read about it a month ago in My Slice of Mexico on her cactus fruit feature — I forgot because I remembered something with a P (I’ve a notoriously bad memory) which has nothing to do with this D fruit.  She said you slice it and then eat it raw.  Next time I go to Sprouts, I’m buying it.

My pic is also up on instagram if you’re into that.

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