Senryu : fluffy

fluffy teenage angst
bouncing with intensity
rushing nowhere fast

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

My third day for lyrics and the ragtag word was fluffy (I am a few days behind so that was Friday’s word. I am also on my third day for the lyric challenge. I need three volunteers for nominations.  Looks around the room.   Hmmmm.

Fluffy?  drew a blank for a song so off I went to You-tube to do a search.  Found a silly one singing “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows”.  Hmmm, looked further down the list.  A lot of comedy stuff Gabriel Iglesias  doing a “Hot and Fluffy” routine.  Apparently he even made a Fluffy movie.  Hmmm, keep looking.

Then I found Fluffy by Wolf Alice.  Do you remember the teenage years?  The angst that meant so much to us at the time but adults took with a grain of salt. The “Who am I?”, the “Why do you like me?” (or if you wanted to be popular, “Why don’t they like me?”), the “What do I want to be for the rest of my life?” (who needs to make that decision that early?  Nutty.  So much yet to discover and explore that you  couldn’t even imagine then) The “I want to be (skinny, pretty, smart, whatever, just fill in the blank)”.

Remember the energy zinging off of you like radiation. Skipping because they said “don’t run” but walking was too slow.  Geez, I’d love to have that energy back.  But you couldn’t pay me to be a teenager again.  I’m happy as I am.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I’ve learned you never stop growing and learning and becoming.  And it’s enough.

“Fluffy” written by Joel Amey, Theodore Ellis, Jonathan Oddie, Ellen Rowsell

You look smart
But I don’t care
I’m not looking for no love affair
I’d sell you my soul just to get me somewhere

What’s there to do in this dead-out town?
Oh, I can’t believe I live here now
So I’m searching for cheap thrills some way and somehow

Sixteen, so sweet

Sixteen, so sweet

Wait, waiting I give in

Find me a ride and make it bright and early
What makes you smile just makes me feel funny
So who’s gonna love me here and where’s all the money?

What’s there to do? I’ve got nothing in this dead-out town
Oh, I can’t believe I live here now
So I’m searching for cheap thrills the way I know how

Sixteen, so sweet
Sixteen, so sweet

As I sit hear waiting, palms itching
I hear the wheels breaking, train coming  

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Fluffy by Wolf Alice (song)

Don’t Delete the Kisses by Wolf Alice (song)

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