Senryu : remember

remember that song?
the lyrics almost forming
what are those damn words?

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I watched a video a friend shared, a day at the balloons.  He found sitar music to go with it.  I know that song!  Darn it!  I do!  What are the words?!!!  I remember hearing it when I was a kid.  It’s an oldies.  In the 60’s, I think.

My Slice of Mexico has nominated for the Lyrical Challenge.  The rules are siimple.

1 Thank the person who nominated you.
2 Share one of your favorite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
3 Nominate three other bloggers each day.

Thank you, Irene,  My Slice of Mexico for nominating me.  I think this will be fun.

I will share the song from up above but I’m giving you some time to remember the lyrics yourself.

Nominate three other bloggers every day.  This is a reminder that even if I nominate you, you can just say no but I am hopefully picking people who like nominations or who like music (I see videos on their site sometimes).  Another thing to add, the videos don’t have to be in English. They can be music in any language.  I thought of Pvcann but he just finished one on August 16th so I didn’t think he’d want to do one so soon.  Next, I thought of RebelGal from Photogate but they’re not back yet.

I nominate :

iScriblr .  She is very popular and gets nominated a lot.  I hope she likes this one.

Winter at W+W. He does a music blog with my alternate self

Curious as a Cathy.  She does music challenges so I hope she doesn’t mind one getting thrown to her.

Ok, tomorrow I have to nominate 3 more people.  It was tough for me to come up with three as I know some people don’t like getting nominated. Give me a hand folks.  If you like music and lyrics or even write some yourself, please let me know so I can nominate you.

Back to the program at hand.  Have you figured it out yet?  Kudos if you remembered

“Up, Up And Away”

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon
We could float among the stars together, you and I
For we can fly we can flyUp, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon

The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky
For we can fly we can fly

Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon
Suspended under a twilight canopy
We’ll search the clouds for a star to guide us

If by some chance you find yourself loving me
We’ll find a cloud to hide us
We’ll keep the moon beside us
Love is waiting there in my beautiful balloon
Way up in the air in my beautiful balloon
If you’ll hold my hand we’ll chase your dream across the sky
For we can fly we can fly

Up, up and away
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon

Up, up, and away!


Curious Cat
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