Haibun : blue beach

misty Capitola beach, photography by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Haiku

misty Capitola beach, photography by M. LaFreniere, Cactus Haikusoft mist descended
quiet here on the beach now
cool blues shroud the boats

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

photo by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

The bigger bird is a pelican for sure.  I think the smaller one is a seagull.  The mist brought in flocks of both whirling in the skies.

Love the mist, needed a jacket though.  While I was shooting photos, I didn’t notice the cold as much.  So I captured close to 200 images.   When the soft haze fell, people started leaving the beach as it became colder.  Little kids walked out with their little surfboards, smiling after a full day rolling in the surf.  Moms flowed out, carrying the remnants of a picnic,their children following in their wake like ducklings.

The horizon disappears as the fog thickens.  The beach falls into blue, only the murmur of the surf disturbs the quiet.  The sun disappears into a velvet glow, descending quickly now.  I feel like I walked through a portal into another world.

I’d love to stay in this blue serenity forever but supper beckons.  The others have vanished in the direction of the Thai restaurant.  I am easily bribed.  I run to catch up.

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