Senryu : backseat drivers

pedal to metal
demanding backseat drivers
home! right now! meow!

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Made it home.

4 LA freeways were under construction. Who does that? Why not finish one, then work on another? instead of closing lanes on 4 different freeways? Of course, they are the ones I was driving on as I switched from freeway to freeway to get to 10. Even 10 had construction. They are crazy.

You know who else is crazy? Me. Cats in the backseat! for 16 hours again! Never, never, never again. Next road trip, I’m sending the kids to summer camp.

I was traveling at 85mph whenever traffic permitted (once I got away from 101 and LA) but still complain, complain, complain. Meow. Meow. Meow.

We got from Los Gatos to Tucson in 14 hours, my best time ever even with the half an hour nap.  Partly because I left at 7pm so I could hit LA at midnight to 1am.  Thank goodness because almost every freeway I changed onto had either one or two lanes closed for all that construction.  Except here and there, mostly it went pretty past.

I didn’t really hit a slow down until I hit Phoenix at 7am — that half an hour nap cost me.  I landed in rush hour. Stop and go. Stop and go.  I hate stalled traffic on the freeway.  Seems like an oxymoron. I finally had to get off the freeway at the exit after 51st (51st and another exit was closed due to …. you guessed it!  Construction!!) and just head south to Baseline, over to Priest, down to Elliot and back onto the freeway towards Tucson where it was all speedy again.  Worked pretty well.  By the time I hit Tucson, their morning rush hour was over.

Thinks about the trip.

Anyone want two cats for one or two months who hate each other and won’t get along with other cats due to deepseated insecurities manifesting in territory issues and jealousy? Sighs. I thought not.

Hmmm, I need a plan B.