Senryu : contact

in the night, eyes gleam
who lurks there? skulking, crouching
raccoon makes contact

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

During the day I put Midnight in the red cat pup tents to hang out on the porch.  He likes smelling the breeze and so he and Pinkie don’t get into a snarling fight.  Pinkie stays indoors.  Mostly because one night Pinkie got out and hid under the trailer.  She would not come out when I called.  While she was under, a raccoon showed up and when it saw me ran under the trailer too.  I was frantic.  Hours later finally she decided she had enough and came in, sauntering through the door as if nothing had happened. So now she’s in permanent time out indoors.  No breezes for her.

(I was going to drive home tonight, cats and all but the car situation did not work out so looks like I am here at least until Tuesday)

Reflections of an Untidy Mind
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