Senryu : borborgymus

borborgymus sound
“Are you hungry, lil Pinkie?”
hissing, “No! Just mad!”

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Okay, Pinkie won’t admit but she likes it here.  There is a cat condo that she enjoys jumping on the highest tier and curling up in a circle.  She walks around exploring, naps on the second bed.  As long as you’re not watching.  If you walk up to her, that rumbling sound isn’t coming from her tummy.  She is grumbling at you that she is not a happy cat.  No way is she going to admit to a human that she’s beginning to enjoy herself.

Plus a bonus.  Pinkie and Midnight are in the same room.  They still hiss at each other but they are getting closer without hissing so there is progress.

CageDunn had suggested before in a comment for a previous poem that I should pet one, lick my hand and then pet the other.  That helps to bond them and make them think they are part of the same clowder. That didn’t work before because if Pinkie smelled Midnight on my hand, her claws came out and she swiped.  Owww!  Today though I petted Midnight first and then Pinkie and she let me!  She even purred. Yay, Pinkie!  To be fair, since she wouldn’t let me pet her for days, I think she was finally showing me that she still loved me and had forgiven me.

Maybe they will like each other by the time I head for home.  One can hope!


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The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“.  Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person.  Today’s is “borborygmus” by me, Cactus Haiku. Come and participate by posting writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there.  Hope to see you at Ragtag Community!