Tanka : monsoon

I want daily rain
monsoon season showers
not home, can’t water
most years falls everyday
now I’m gone? dry as a bone

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

You wouldn’t think it but Arizona has about 30 days when it rains daily or almost every other day.  Our short monsoon season.  I couldn’t find someone to water for me so I was hoping nature would do her thing.  Monday and Wednesday looks like it rained — thunder showers.  That’s cool but checking ahead — looks like it’s going to be a week of sunshine.  No. No. No.  Geez, I hope the weather folks are wrong.

Sometimes I think the weather is just contrary.  Other people want their rain to go away.  And it won’t.  Some people want rain to come everyday and it won’t.  Learning to be happy with what is is not always easy.  We are always trying to change things to what we want to be.

My poor grapes.

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