Haiku : Moon (2)

Haiku : Moon

man stepped on the cratered moon
do you remember?

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

July 20, 1969, Mission Commander Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon and space travel wasn’t science-fiction any more


With the help of the University of Texas-Dallas, NASA has digitized all the audio from the Apollo 11 flight and their stay on the moon communications with the ground crew; all 19,000 hours of it.  You can even download it if you want : Apollo 11 MOCR ACR Collection.  It’s pretty raw.  It took five years to turn the audiotapes into digital files.  Honestly, you’d have to be seriously OCD to go through it all to find the clips you’d like.

here is the landing


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Photograph: At Tranquility Base, NASA

NASA, University of Texas at Dallas Reveal Apollo 11 Behind-the-Scenes Audio
NASA, July 24, 2018

Apollo 11 MOCR ACR Collection
Internet Archive

Lunar Landing
Explore Apollo

Apollo 11
Missions, NASA

Top moon photograph by M. LaFreniere, all rights reserved

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