Senryu : zing

zooming zipping zing
doo-wop drone declines to ding
scrunching shazams sing

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

RDP #53 – ZING
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The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“. Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person. Today’s is “zing” by sgeoil. Come and participate by posting writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there. Hope to see you at Ragtag Community!

Onomatopoeia Dictionary

From Amazon:

Batman: The Complete First Season, DVD. Adam West


KA-BOOM! A Dictionary of Comic Book Words, Symbols & Onomatopoeia Perfect Paperback – November 1, 2006, Looks like this one starts at $110 used on Amazon. Seem like fun but probably a little hard to find.


FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial at Craftsy.comThinking about comic drawing, it reminded me Craftsy has a class, “Ink Outside the Box! How to Make a Comic Book with Jon Chad“.  It looked cool.

Craftsy now Bluprint offers many different classes.  I am thinking of taking the cooking for two because the food looks healthy.  I want to cook more at home as it’s easier to maintain an eating plan while you’re losing weight.

But when I scroll through all the offering, my mind gets distracted and I start looking at other things too.  I haven’t drawn in ages either so am thinking it’ll help me to get back into that.  Then there are some of the craft classes. Sighs.  My eyes are always bigger than the time I have available.

Good thing they have a monthly or annual subscription plan to various countries. In the USA, the monthly is $14.99 so 1/3 off would make that about $10 for the first few months.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing me post on class results.  Cooking first.  Maybe art.  I have a week to decide as the sale ends 8/1.

For those who like online classes, Unlimited Craftsy is called BluPrint now.  They have a special through 8/1/18.  FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial + 33% Off First 3 Months – Or – $20 Off Annual Subscription (through 8/1)

FREE 7 Day Bluprint Trial + 33% Off First 3 Months – Or – $20 Off Annual Subscription

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