Senryu : gold

etching, artist unknown, ship probably circa 1620 to 1640 and etching same time period, public domain, Wikimedia Commons

heft of a gold coin
replaced by thin green flimsies
planned obsolescence

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Superstition mountains, the lost Dutchman’s gold mine is out there somewhere.  People still look for it.

Other tales of lost gold have proven more worthy.  Back in 1715 Spain needed money badly so they demanded their colonies pony up some goods.  Eleven galleons set sail from Cuba laden with gold, silver, emeralds and pearls.  They set sail just as hurricane season started. By the end of the week, the fleet had sunk off the coast of Florida.  Four ships have still not been located although some suspect one ship survived.

Fast forward to September 2013.  A diver off the coast spotted a gold coin and told his friend.  The Schmitt family (father,daughter, and son) went diving, searching to see if they could find any more.  Because of currents, especially after two hundred years, just because one item is found does not mean there will be more.

The father, Rick Schmitt, started the salvage company after retiring so that he could go treasure diving with his children.  Every summer, the three of them are out everyday on “Arrr Booty”, their boat, from 7:30am to 5pm diving for gold plying the waters of Treasure Coast.

However this time, they got lucky.  The son, Eric, picked the spot off the coast of Fort Pierce aka Treasure Coast where the family found four gold escudo coins, 8 gold chains and a ring worth more than $300,000.

Twenty percent of their find was donated to the state, and the rest was split between the family and their contractor.

Can you imagine a dollar bill lasting 200 years in the ocean?

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