Tanka : embrace

embrace winds of change
learning new skills, adapting
used to be easy
like Barbarella’s angel
next day I don’t remember

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Used to be when I read something or learned something, it generally stuck.  Nowadays, it seems like when I first learn something, the next day I’ve forgotten.  So I have to relearn it several times before it sticks.  I feel a bit like a storage bin that’s gotten full and I keep stuffing more stuff in which keeps falling out until I find a place for it.  It takes more effort.

I like blogging because it’s some place I can stick stuff I’ve learned so that if I forget, I can dig it out of my new storage bin.


second life photography by M. LaFreniere
featuring avatars Kayla Woodrunner and Winter Phoenix

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