Senryu : resurrect

wish i had the skills
others resurrect old cars
i look, applauding

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Arizona is a dry heat.  One of the pluses to a dry heat is less rust so you see a lot of antique cars on the road.  Yeah, people drive them around.  Ok, they’re a little slow but so awesome.  I saw a yard with 3 vintage cars last week.  I think I’ll go by tomorrow and see if I can photograph them.  One was a silver bullet type mobile home.  You know the one I mean.

Note: 6/6/18.  Added the car pics two days after I posted 6/4/18. It rained yesterday 6/5/18.  Sorry about the delay. I blurred the license plates as there’s a way to look up an address from a plate and I think that’s a privacy/politeness issue to avoid handing out someone’s address on the internet.


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