Senryu : navigate

navigate pitfalls
visiting a friend today
no, thank you. diet!

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Visited an elderly Okinawan friend today. She offered me cola. I said “no, thank you, I’m on a diet. I can’t have cola.” She takes out a can of Sprite. “Um, no thank you. I can’t have Sprite. Tea or water would be fine.”

While the hot water was heating, she offered me spaghetti. “No, thank you. I can’t eat noodles.” Then she offered me chips. “um, no thank you. I can’t have noodles, rice, potatoes or chips.” She said, “That’s very hard, no rice or noodles. No potatoes is easy.” I nodded.

“Oh, I forgot to give you something last time you were here.” She pulls out a bag of dark chocolate with almonds thin bark, fair trade chocolate. OMG! I caved. “Just one piece and then keep it in your freezer please. When my diet is over, I’d love to take the bag home.”

“Take it home now and keep it in your freezer.”

“I can’t. Trust me. I’d eat the whole bag today. I would love it but I really can’t.”  Who was I kidding?  Today?  I’d be shoveling the chocolate in my mouth and finishing the bag in ten minutes if I’d have my druthers.

“Okay.”  Thankfully, the bag went into her freezer.  I felt like Whoopi giving up the check in Ghost as I handed it to her.  I could feel the bag tugging at me.

Kind-hearted hospitality is killing me.


from Amazon.  What?  I believe in sharing the pain …. and the pleasure, lol.

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