Senryu : target

target a small goal
builds confidence; then stretch —
snag hard ones, running

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I’ve been getting into challenges since I started my blog last July and found out it was very effective to help keep me on track to blog about it last autumn.  The cooking everyday for two weeks and the increase my views both went well.  Then after that, I did one that I started but fell off pretty quickly (going to work on my car or bike — instead I got a used car.)

I’ve started a weight loss one which so far I’m doing pretty good.  HealthyWage does visuals and my graph says I’m on track.  (You want to see my starting and goal weight?  Ha! I did share it but I don’t feel like plastering it all over the web.) I’m blogged about my first week: TT Thursday: First week done.

I had a previous challenge that I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, my Cactus Dreams website which is my store as well as posts about making/selling POD designs on Zazzle and Merch Amazon.  I have been keeping up on my Cactus Haiku and Cactus Catz posts but I find that extra third one a bit hard to do regularly. However, I did finally get the Cactus Dreams privacy policy done.

Writing posts is fairly easy for me now but it’s the added extra details like having to create a privacy policy due to EU regs that threw me off.  I finally realized since I actually do the selling on other sites like Amazon and Zazzle that what I could just do is say, “I’m not taking your private info, just aggregate pageview counts.  Here are the links for Amazon and Zazzle because they’re the one’s that need your name, address and billing info and it is collected over there — has nothing to do with me.”  Maybe one day I’ll make my own product like an ebook to sell directly and then I’ll have to change the policy.

The thing is that the policy took way longer to write than it should of because I was worried about it — what if the EU sues me because I wrote it wrong?  The problem with even silly anxieties is that they slow you down.  Once I sat down and started researching how other people wrote theirs, I finished the privacy policy in a few hours after weeks of being stalled.

Anxieties sap your confidence, becoming a mean little cycle.   If you push past the anxiety and act (make the cold call, set up the interview, write a privacy policy), that thing that loomed over your head turns out to not take that much time or not be as hard as you feared.  Or maybe it was just as hard as you feared but now it’s done and that’s a huge relief.

Repetition helps. When you do something over and over, the anxiety dissipates with each time until suddenly the anxiety is gone and the thing is easy. You wonder why you ever thought it was hard. Nike has it right.  Just do it.

Ze end



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Mermaid Dreaming (El Greco style) notecard
Mermaid Dreaming  notecard
Skeleton Girl Blank Notecard
Skeleton Girl Blank Notecard
Kimono notecard (change/personalize the text)
Kimono notecard (change/personalize the text)
Sis, you're the best! (two areas to personalize) card
Sis, you’re the best! (two areas to personalize) card
Believe Your Dreams (personalize & shadow) Card
Believe Your Dreams (personalize & shadow) Card
Cactus Dreams blank notecard
Cactus Dreams blank notecard

Zazzle also sells in other countries.  To get to other countries click this Australia link, click where you see the flag is at the top, click your country.  You can’t do it from the USA store though.


RDP #16 – Target
Ragtag Daily Prompt
Saturdays from myself, Cactus Haiku
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The Ragtag Daily Prompt now has it’s own blog site called the “Ragtag Community“.  Each day of the week a prompt is presented by a different person.  Today’s is “target” by me, Cactus Haiku. Come and participate by posting writing or images evoked by the word and add your pingback or link to the comments there.  Hope to see you at Ragtag Community!