FYI : new Ragtag Daily Prompt

Some of us are sad that the Daily Post has closed shop and we’ve really enjoyed the community of readers we’ve met through the Daily Prompts.  So we are going to try to keep Daily Prompts going through volunteers who have agreed to put up a prompt by 6am on their blog site; each one taking a day in the week.  Here’s the list if you’d like to join us.  It’s a word and you can write whatever you want and send a pingback.  It starts today today Friday at 6am at Curious Steph‘s

(note: as of 6/7/18, all prompts are now hosted on Ragtag Community, not individual blogs.  See you there!)

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Patty, Lovenlosses

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Curious Steph also said, “We will use ragtag daily prompt as a tag as well as including it in the title, so if you search by that tag”

See you at Steph’s!

(Gasps! tomorrow it’s me! I need a word, someone throw me a word quick! oh geez, not that word.  Are you trying to get me into trouble?)