Tanka : 5th Ave heist

diamond mounds krackel
3 musketeers plan a heist
Mr. Goodbar laughs
Oh Henry’s butterfingers
pay day on 5th avenue

tanka by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Lilian at DVerse Pub sets out a challenge to use two candies listed (or perfumes or cereals– you choose which list).  Use the names as words in a poem.  So I couldn’t resist.  I love Jan’s hilarious mob haikus which may have also influenced me.

Old Time Candy Site Wide Sale! Save 10% On These Great Candy Items 100% Kona Coffee
love the Retro Candy site, especially seeing candy by decades. Did you know Butterfinger has been around since before the 1920s? Which do you think originated in the 1930s: 3 Musketeers or Baby Ruth?
They’ve been growing these hand-picked beans on the lava rock slopes of Kona since the early 1800s.  Coffee grown on other parts of Hawaii is Hawaiian coffee.  It has to be grown on Kona to be Kona coffee.


Brand Name Noodling
dVerse ~ Poets Pub

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