Senryu : Cinderella (bleeps)

the (bleep) shoe fell off
Cinderella limps, cussing
no coach. midnight sucks.

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

What? You’re surprised Cinderella cussed?  What would you do if your ride home left you?  Well, turned into a pumpkin anyways. You try limping home in one glass slipper and a gown that drags on the street. You’d feel every pebble and rock on your poor sole.  Good thing the gown didn’t disappear with all the other magic — now that would have caused a scene!

What? You’d take off the gown, throwing it over your shoulder and walk home in the bloomers, corset and camisole.  And you’d have worn sneakers under the gown — easier to dance in?  Well, you’re a smart young woman.  Cinderella, well, you know.  She bought the whole story: hook, line, and sinker. Even if she did slip up for a moment to cuss, ouch, ouch, ouch as a sharp stone dug into her foot.

The prince wasn’t too bright either.  With that brilliant romantic full moon, he could have tracked the blood back to her home but no… Instead he rode around the countryside trying the shoe on everybody’s foot. Women were chopping off their toes and heels to try to fit into that shoe.  Limping became the fashion.

Cinderella married the dude, you know. They put the glass slippers in a keepsake cabinet.  As a wedding gift, the shoemaker made her a nice comfy pair of boots that could walk seven leagues in a single step. She accidentally took too big a step once upon a time and ended up in another country but that’s a story for another day.