Senryu : fluently flippant

Fluently flippant
flouncing flummadiddle fluke
flench that flimflam

senryu  by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I don’t know.  I just like the way FLs roll.  Now try to say this 3x really fast.  However I do think “flench that flimflam” is a good philosophy for creating good haiku and senryu.  Definitions on the bottom of the post.

Next, these are just cool things I saw — one thing led to the other.

I saw this video on Shutterbug Diary and followed it back to You-tube because it was so cool.

Now in their description, they asked support us on Patreon.  So I followed that link back to their Patreon Macroroom page.  Back in the Renaissance period, the aristocracy used to be patrons to artists, poets and bards creating a wonderful era of artistic growth.  Later here and there rich folks and governments became the new patrons.  However, that meant often creators had to cater to the needs of their patrons or governmental criteria.

Patreon has used the internet to allow anyone to become a patron even if it’s with a dollar here and there. You can pledge monthly to a specific person or you can pay them a one-time amount.  Patreon gets 5% but takes care of the money side.

Macroroom manages to eke $132 a month with 18 patrons to help fund their videos.  9 patrons promise $1 a month.  It’s not much but it is interesting.  Their facebook page says they are getting close to finishing their next video.

So I decided to look at Patreon’s comic book section out of curiousity.  I clicked on “Explore Creators”, then I clicked on “Comics”, then I clicked on “Abbadon is creating Kill Six Billion Demons.”  It sounded like a cool title.

Wow!  Abbadon has 1,732 patrons!   1,147 patrons pledge only $2 a month — cheaper than most coffee I’ve come across and a lot cheaper than comic book these days.  His total earnings of $6,232 a month lets him put out his free online comic book, Kill Six Billion Demons.  (It’s on a blog so start from the bottom to read the first panels and then you can click next page arrows from there).

The comic is very cool.  It almost seems to have two stories running parallel lines — the graphic novel with the misadventures of  Allison and a parable zenlike tales going with some gods. Because it’s online and people can comment, Abbadon makes an effort to incorporate his audience suggestions now and again.  Abbadon started October 2013.  The comics became published in graphic novel form. And at the end of 2017, the comic book has become an RPG game which is given away to his patrons at any pledge level — which might explain the large number of $2 a month.

Does this mean the online comic has stopped getting pages?  Nope, it looks like his most recent post in Chapter 10 was April 21, 2018 at 6pm.  However, I’m starting at the beginning in 2013 so it may be awhile before I catch up to everybody else.

I love this concept of people supporting artists.  Probably the vast majority of the creators don’t get much each month.  Still, over time, some people can build a good fan base — enough so they can create fulltime without having to find someone to work for to pay them regularly.


Fluently flippant
April writing prompts
putting my feet in the dirt


flench : to strip skin or fat, to flay
flimflam : nonsense; trickery
flummadiddle : nonsense; humbug