Senryu : jetlagged

lost on the tarmac
honeymoon in the airport
jetlagged and jilted

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

This is what happens when your life feels like a country song, she thinks.  Sipping the whiskey in the bar, she jots down the lyrics jetting through her head.  Nearby a musician on his way to Nashville overhears her humming a few bars to herself, listening as she mouths a few syllables.  Walking over with his guitar, he says, let’s put a video up on facebook.  A bit drunk, the abandoned bride says why not.

An overnight sensation, the woman goes on to become a famous singer, and thanks the twists of fate and brisk lawyers who keep royalties out of the hands of regretful runaway grooms suddenly missing what might have been and a very real mansion rising up in the centerfolds of music tabloids.  Of course, she and the guitarist share a tumultous affair in a sea of tweets, crashing spectacularly in snapchat moments, his revitalized solo career bursting with albums.


jetlagged and jilted
april prompts
putting my feet in the dirt