Senryu : crank

a tad OCD
get involved, cranking out thoughts
fresh intense routines

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I like the word “crank” because it has some fun meanings that fits when you get into doing something new — that honeymoon period when you’re a tad obsessed — ok, very obsessed and loving to do it everyday whether poetry, writing, art,  designs, hiking, cat breeding, or whatever:

1. (informal) increase the intensity of something.
“he cranked up the foghorn to full volume”
2. (informal) produce something regularly and routinely.
“an army of researchers cranked out worthy studies”
3. an eccentric person, especially one who is obsessed by a particular subject or theory.
“when he first started to air his views, they labeled him a crank”North American
4. (literary) a fanciful turn of speech.

The 4th one I hadn’t heard of but thought it sounded cool.  There are some more meanings of course, verbs and such.  Crank is a useful word.

I did a post with my latest design and a bit about Louis Wain, an artist who was bit of a crank about cats.  Even when I design (this design is derivative art), I end up researching and writing because I want to know more about things.  Slows me down I suppose but to me it’s part of the process.

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