Senryu : galactic garble

galactic garble
blasters pulled, tentacles reach
alien barfight

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere


April 13th prompt on Putting my Feet in the Dirt was “galactic garble blasters“.  I got this instant image in my head of the Star Wars scene when they were in the bar and people were from all different planets.

I imagine when people speak langauges from a bunch of different planets, even with intergalactic translators, there will be many misunderstandings resulting in blasters being pulled — hopefully at stun settings but who knows?

Ohhhh, just had another thought.  What if it was a blaster that was the opposite of the galactic translators and made everyone NOT understand each other.  Huge fight scene!

The original Star Wars is one of my favorite science fiction movies.  I also loved the one with the blue aliens, an animated film… thinking.  Oh, yeah.  Avatar.  I loved the series Firefly more than the movie Serenity but the movie was pretty good — like a lot of fans, I hated that they killed Wash off.

It’s hard for a movie to live up to a TV series though because TV has the time to develop characters if they have good writers and a decent story arc — and don’t always bring the characters back to point zero every time they change a bit.  A good series lets characters grow and change even if you don’t like the direction some of them develop in.  Fireflyis still one of my favorite tv series — the laughing, the characters, and the plots.  Like the one where Jayne turns out to be the hero of a planet because of a failed heist and a getaway gone wrong. More recently I’ve started watching West World. Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres so there were a lot I liked.

Which films or tv series did you love?