Haiku : Spring (2)

billowy breezes
look! flower buds opening
March shooing Spring in

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

A couple months ago on Entertain, I tried a screen recording in Second Life of my avatar doing a ballet with the sound of the rain happening on that sim.

Today I tried a screen recording again, this time within Photoshop to record a tutorial for that word “Spring” up above, putting a photograph in the word.  It went pretty well although I did have to restart the tutorial a couple times until I got a good straight run-through.

Things to learn:  The video tutorial is totally silent ….. People would have to follow along the steps in the blog’s text. I need to figure out how to add live sound.

I tried doing the tutorial wearing a mic headset that I’ve used to talk with Winter once in Second Life. I know the headset works because he said he could hear me.  As we prefer talking by chat text, I put the headsets away fairly quickly in that first experiment.

Using the headset while doing the screen recording, I thought it would capture my voice.  No such luck.  So there is a setting I am missing or I’ll have to add sound by recording separately and bringing sound and sight together in a video editing setup.

Bandicam is a free software if you’re willing to allow their name to float along the top and limit yourself to 10 minutes.  I’m good with that while I’m learning.  I tried a couple other screen recording freeware but they didn’t work that great — they would only let me record in a game.  Bandicam lets me record in a game or create a rectangle on my desktop and record anything going on in that rectangle so that works well with a tutorial set up.  I like that Bandicam’s interface is fairly simple and easy to use.  Plus I can put away the interface panel and just hit the record button in my taskbar so Bandicam is not using desktop space or in my video.

Recording my own designated sized rectangle means I can “film” two programs simultaneously to make a tutorial if they are both in the rectangle.  If I can not figure out how to add sound, I can put the steps in text on notepad next to the photoshop as I do it.  That would work.  Probably a good thing to do anyways.  I prefer reading to listening on tutorials but I like visuals.

Please tell me your favorite screen recording software.  I’d love to check it out if the company has a demo version.  I want to do more tutorials and Second Life shorts or music videos.

Still I don’t think it’s bad for my first tutorial video recording.  Hopefully I will figure out how to add sound.


March 11 prompt: billowy breezes
Putting my feet in the dirt

Tutorial: putting your photograph into letters

Cactus Haiku


Used to make Spring:

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wildflowers photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.com.