Senryu : messy

messy livingroom
putting together big shelves
books’, crafts’, frames’ new home

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I have a thing for books.  I don’t need any more but sometimes when I see one at a bookstore or thrift store, I can’t resist.  Besides now with ebooks, they are becoming an endangered species.

Problem is I don’t have as much shelf space as I did in Oakland as I had left a couple 6 foot bookshelves behind when I moved.  So time to put one together.  I found a nice one at Ikea a while ago.  Considering how heavy each outside wall is, I thought I should put it together near where I will stand it.  I finally moved the shelves into the livingroom to get started…. (ok, I have a procrastination problem — now if only Daily Post would do the prompt “finished”, ha!)

So here we are.  Sighs.  I think I lost a bag of screws that came with it (one of two?) but I’ll get started and then see if Home Depot has same size ones so I can finish.  If I don’t start, I will never finish.  So I checked out a movie from the library and will set that on while I work.

Oh that box of wine?  I won that at the casino about a year ago — 6 bottles of various wines.  I don’t drink much so still have 4 bottles left after a year.  I just opened one this week to go with some pasta.  It is a pretty good Dunnigan Hills Syrah.


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