Senryu : Missed Noah, a cracked tale

Where is Noah’s ark?
No North Pole pick up service
Icebergs and snow drifts

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Heard Noah’s Ark would take us down south to warmer climates. Rumor was it was going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights — I wish! It’s been snowing here like always.

Yeah, the drifts get a little high but that’s usual this time of year. Ocean is rising a bit too but that’s just making the fishing easier, right, Bear?

I sure wish we could find that boat! I heard it was warm and cozy there with all the animals’ body heat in the hull.

The ark probably couldn’t make it past the icebergs. Kayaks are better for these waters.

Oh well, we better go meet up with the unicorns. They said they found a nice cave that the yeti’s agreed to share. Okay, guys, one more cup of coffee and we can get going.

—————- So ends another cracked tale

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second life photo by M. LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner
info on creators of the SL setting, animals and stuff at Missed the Boat