Senryu : arcade memories

arcade memories
Pacman, Mario Brothers
walking hand in hand

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere


Remember the arcade? Quarters jingling in your pocket?  Okay, maybe it was crumpled dollars, lol.

I’m feeling nostalgic because I walked through New Brighton in Second Life today and it had an arcade with a Pacman, not to mention a carousel outside.  I used to love that game! In Arizona, we don’t have a pier so when I was a teen, our arcades were at the mall.  I remember the walls were black, a perfect foil for the bright machines. Good thing I drive better in real life than I did in there — I used to hit every obstacle on the screen just about and go careening of the road on the curves, lol.

If you have the time, write a quick ode, limerick, haiku, essay, whatever to your favorite game and do a pingback or drop a link in the comments. It’ll be a fun read.

Arcade (music from the Man of Steel movie) played on the piano by Akmigone