Senryu : Handwriting

reading handwriting
slant left or right? dot your i’s?
reveals who you are

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

The way you write reveals who you are. Graphologists analyize handwriting and it has become enough of a science that handwriting analysis has been used as an employment test and in profiling criminals.

Handwriting professionals do warn that it takes a look at the overall handwriting and not picking out little bits here and there to create a professional profile.  Only looking at the writing slant, for example, is like looking at a leaf — you need to see the whole tree to know how mature the tree is, how tall and how strong although the leaf gives you an idea of what kind of tree.

size matters always
and spaces inbetween words
Spring flows amid words

Here are a few handwriting bits that reveal tendencies.


Slanted to the right = like to meet and work with new people, open to experiences

Slanted to the left = like your alone time, reserved, introspective, prefer to work behind the scenes

Size matters

Large letters = extravert, outgoing, like to be the center of attention

Small letters = introvert, shy, focused, find it easy to concentrate

Average letters = strong ability to focus and concentrate, well-adjusted, adaptable

Space the final frontier

Large spaces between words = enjoys freedom and independence

Small spaces between words = enjoys being with people

Cramming words together = dude, back off.  you crowd people, and are intrusive

Under pressure

Soft pressure = empathetic, sensitive

Moderately Heavy Pressure = committed

Very Heavy Pressure =  tense & angry

Don’t forget to dot your i’s

high dots = active imagination

close dots = organized, detail-oriented

dot to the left = procrastinator, difficult to make a decision, prudent, shy, pessimistic

dot way to the left = attached to the past, insecure, vacillates, introverted

dot centered over the i = precise, punctual, detail -oriented, objective

dot on the right = curious, intiative, ambitious towards goals, mentally quick, kind, affectionate

dots way to the right = impatient, jumps ahead without thinking

dot with a circle = childlike, playful

no dot = negligent, lack of attention

And cross your t’s

long cross = determined, enthusiastic, stubborn

short cross = lazy

cross lower case t high = many goals, aim high

cross lower case t low = aim low

loopedy loop (lower case l)

wide loop = relaxed, spontaneous, feel it’s easy to express yourself

narrow or retraced loop = restricting yourself

y loops

broad loop = large circle of friends

narrow loop = few friends

short hook = homebody

long hook = like to roam


easy to read signature = c;onfident, comfortable with yourself

illegible signature = private, hard-to-read

Pointed or rounded letters

pointed = intelligent, may be holding back aggression

rounded = creative, artistic ability

speed of writing

write quickly = impatient, dislike wasting time

write slowly = self-reliant, methodical


pronoun I larger than other capital letters = arrogant


connected letters = logical, decisions based on facts and experience

disconnected letters =  imaginative, impulsive, decisions based on intuition

open or closed O

open o = social, extroverted

closed o = keep to yourself, introverted


narrow e = skeptical, uninfluenced by emotion

large e =  open-minded, willing to try new things


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