Senryu : delicious

love tiramisu!
add a hot cappucino
I am yours for life

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Dutch goes the photo challenge this week is “delicious” so of course I thought of Crave.

I love, love, love Crave Coffee Bar.  Is it the latte? Yep. The cappucino? Yep.  The freddo?  Hey, what’s that?  I have to try that.  Is it the tiramisu?  Hangs my head.  I cannot tell a lie.  It is definitely the tiramisu. Some days it’s the turkish coffee and the baklava.  This is definitely where a caffeine and sugar junkie can come in for a hit.  Oh and the free wifi.  Now if only I could snag the one loveseat, I’d be in heaven but for some reason, someone is always laid out on it, tapping away.

I am experimenting with my camera so this was taken without a flash, just overhead lighting indoors

I love the food here.  I’ve been here a few times with a couple of group meetups as well as alone so although my primary choice is the caffeine and desserts, I’ve also had brie & ham crepe (it had spinach and onions too!).  For food, the crepes work for a light breakfast or lunch.  I had mine for dinner which is fine as I don’t eat much in the evening — some people might want something more substantial for dinner though.

Not bad for no flash. You can see the reflection of the lights above on the glass. I wish the top shelf picked up more light, tho.

Their wild huckleberry crepe keeps calling me but so far I’ve been faithful to tiramisu (well, more or less faithful — there was that one time with the baklava … ).    Sometimes the place fills up with a cookie smell while they are baking in the back so I admit it is a dangerous place to go to if you’re on a diet. They do occasionally run out of tiramisu (pouts) and other sweets if you’re there later.

While many of the tables seat one or two (and in fact a lot of people come here alone to write), groups occasionally meet here too. You can call and reserve a table for a group which I did for my bloggers meetup.  They have two large tables, one in the back and one in the front where you can seat 6 comfortably and up to 8 in a pinch.  If all 8 at a meeting needed an outlet, that might be a problem.  Luckily only two of us needed an outlet and that was fine.  The one in back is close to 2 outlets so can serve 4 laptops.  Outlets are salted through the rooms so if you want one, check first before snagging a table.  Not every table is near an outlet.

There is some ambient noise here, usually from the overhead music as most people are too busy writing to chat much.   I am ok with the noise level as the music is discernible but not very loud (plus I liked the songs).  However one member of our group likes more quiet as she likes to work on a blog post sometimes before we start.  She would have preferred no music. So it depends on your needs whether you like it.

Other customers are ok with people talking. Our group was seated at the front big table and no one seemed to have a problem while we talked. We weren’t loud but everyone read some writing and other’s critiqued it and we had to talk loud enough that folks on the other side of a long table could hear us.  It wasn’t a problem. No one shushed us.  It’s not a loud place but it’s also not library quiet.  I like it.

Crave is a great spot to go alone to write or read, go with a friend to chat or set up a group meetup.  Serves the caffeine junkie with sweets, crepes and free wifi.  What more could a roaming writer want?


Crave Coffee Bar
4530 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711
phone: (520) 445-6665
hours :
Mon: 6am – 9pm.
Tue – Fri: 6am -10pm.
Sat: 7am – 10pm.
Sun: 7am – 9pm.

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debated putting it under Tourmaline’s Color challenge for chestnut but I think the cocoa is too dark for chestnut.  It’s an earthier color.  Oh well.

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all pics taken without flash using ambient lighting
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