Senryu : entertain

stage crumbles, decayed
frayed curtains, once entertained
unrestrained I dance

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Marian put up an interesting challenge at Real Toads.  She suggested creating a poem of any length with a chained rhyme.  The last word of each line must rhyme with the first word of the next line.  Doing senryu is only three lines but it was still a challenge.

my first poem started as

stage crumbles, decayed
once it entertained masses —
I dance in the rain

Thank goodness for the RyhmeZone — I inputted “decayed” and they ouputted a lot of choices.   I was under another constraint.  I wanted to use “entertain” for the daily prompt at the Daily Post so that had to go into my second line.  I like “frayed curtains” but not so sure of “once entertained”.  I would prefer “frayed curtains entertain rain” or “frayed curtain, last entertainment” but I love the last line “unrestrained I dance” so…. we need to end with “entertained”.  I cannot imagine doing this for a long poem.  It’s fun though.

dancing in a fountain, a gyazo animated gif, looped

On another front, in Second Life, I have been doing little mini gifs captured with for a few minutes but wanted to try “filming” something a little longer.  I gave it a shot today with a free program called Bandicam. Paid version is no logo and unlimited time. Freebie is logo and limited to 10 minutes.  Pretty easy to use but I want to try a couple programs before I commit to one.

Someday I will make a cute video edited correctly with music or words but for now this is my fledgling raw effort.  I slowed down the camera in Second Life so it wouldn’t be so jerky but still don’t have good control.  Within a couple minutes of the beginning, I ended up viewing blackness under the floor, lol.  Ah well. I did find out if I hit the escape key, the camera goes back to me so I did that a couple times when I was stuck in the wrong place.

Bandicam freebie let’s you film up to 10 minutes so I did. I ran out in the middle of zooming in on the butterfly. It’s too long as I can’t cut.  I need an editing program. Lots of mistakes but I like the ballet animation I got from Abranimations.  Trust me, my first efforts were a lot worse!


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