Senryu : quaint holiday yard

twinkling reindeer frisks
quaint snow family, blithe train
brighten desert nights

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

We don’t get too many snowmen or reindeer in Arizona (today our low is 42F/5.5C) until Christmas time and then they are everywhere.  I saw this snow couple and thought they looked like they were getting married — then saw the baby and thought oops! (laughing).

Wire art has a cool 3-dimensional quality — add lights to that and you get magic.   The Victorian swirls in the reindeer remind me of turn-of-the-century decorative motifs in books and crown molding.

Love the colorful train too but don’t have anything to add.  The reindeer, snowfamily and train are very different in style and any two together would clash but three together they work.  The red dog in the other yard, very cool by itself, but I thought seriously about erasing him in Photoshop — but thought that would be cheating as this is a “real” photograph.  hmmm.  I’m still thinking about erasing him. Reality is overrated, lol.


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