Senryu : Bite

don’t stay home, she said
he’s cute, go out for a bite
should have known better

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Part two of the Papua New Guinea story is upcoming but when I saw this prompt “bite” I could not resist especially since I had the perfect photo for it.  Plus Mindlovemisery  challenge said you can use your own art or photo.  Second Life is a bit between the two.  Although I do love the pic they gave for the challenge if you wished — a huge stone hand reaching out of the sea  — it’s awesome.  On top of that, Real Toads gives a selection of November themes to write too: one of which is zombies!

I also enjoy writing for DVerse Pub, Haiku Hub and Poetry in Form.  Ok, I admit.  I love these writing challenges.  So much fun.  Often they throw me in a direction I don’t think of going.  I was in a mental rut before I started haiku.  But having to write one a day, I’m reading science, new discoveries, history, folktales, or writing quick stories.  And reading/seeing different blogs, creativity, quotes, photographs and facts all come tumbling out. Nowadays, I learn or see something new just about everyday — I may not remember it but I do learn it for the day, lol.  Makes my brain feel all perky! Mind runs around all excited!  (Ok, time for my nap now  😉


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November Themes!
imaginary garden with real toads

Secondlife photo by M. LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner