senryu : friendsgiving

friends’ food gathering
turkey, pies, potatoes, greens

cheers to knowing you

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Went to a friendsgiving today and am so stuffed that I am dragging — ready for a nap. So today, no pic, just a quick senryu.

The friendsgiving was awesome. Old friends caught up, new friends were made.  Chatting, eating and sharing; what’s not to love.  Loved the outdoor fireplace too because Arizona night is getting a little chilly in my short-sleeve cotton shirt at 68°F (20°C).

For those who may not know:  Friendsgiving is celebrated just before or right after Thanksgiving, or even occasionally right on Thanksgiving. My first one in California was all single folks whose families were a long distance away so we had a Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving.  It’s primarily about friendships although there may be a few family members — the bulk is friends. And if your family has issues with your date/partner/spouse, your lifestyle, your job or whatever; at a Friendsgiving, you know you (and your plus one) will be accepted.

The host generally makes the turkey.  Everybody else brings something potluck style and often it will be dishes that are traditional for Thanksgiving: potatoes, cranberry jelly, yams, pies, veggies of various sorts. You can bring something you’ve made with Thanksgiving leftovers. However, if someone wants to bring food not Thanksgiving-related like pizza or curry, it’s fine.  While generally people bring something they cooked, storebought is ok.  Often it’s BYOB (bring your own booze).  Drinking is generally lowkey because it’s about connecting with friends, not getting smashed.

Basically think big potluck with friends and a relaxed atmosphere. A giving of thanks for your closest circle.

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