Senryu : Shichi-Go-San Day, November 15th

shichi-go-san day
age 3, 5, 7, celebrate
my first kimono

senryu and photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I took this picture in Oita on Shichi-go-san day.  A father with his daughter and I imagine the grandmother praying at the shrine.

I’m a little late.  Shichi-go-san day is actually November 15th.  It’s a rite-of-passage in Japan when 3, 5 and 7 year olds.  For 3 or 5 year olds, it is often the first time they wear a kimono (girls) or hakamas (boys).   Families take the children to the local Shinto shrine to drive out evil spirits, give thanks for their child’s health and pray for the child’s continuing health and a long life.  Because it is not a national holiday, it is often celebrated on the closest weekend by many families.

Starting from the 15th through the weekend if you are in Japan during that week (especially the weekend), go to a shrine.  The children look so cute dressed in their traditional clothing toddling with their parents and grandparents.
my first kimono
My Shichi-go-san. My dad was in the Air Force.  My mom was Okinawan.  Our family was stationed again in Okinawa when I was between the ages of 3 and 5.  I and my sister, who was 2 years younger than I, both dressed in kimonos for the first time on Shichi-go-san when we were three.

We even got a studio photograph when we wore the kimono.  I don’t remember the day as my memory doesn’t stretch that far back but I still have the photograph.


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