Senryu w/ Photo : Scale

six corn seeds planted
all on the same day; one dead,
three short, two towers

senryu and photos by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I checked out Sweet Red Corn and Sunflower seeds from the Pima County Seed Library — a program that allows you to check out seeds through your local library and hopefully when you get a crop, you can return the seeds but you don’t have to in case the crop fails.

Talking about scale.  Look at this.  I planted six seeds on the same day.  The first one is brown and dead.  The next three are green but short and doesn’t look like any corn yet either which is worring as it’s mid-October already.  The two on the end are tall, thriving and looks they will have corn.  In time?  Who knows?

They do remind me of the three bears.

Why did six seeds planted on the same day come out so differently?  The land is not level so the water pools at the end where the tall ones are.  So that is why seeds planted on the same day have differently scaled plants.

Here is a sunflower I also planted from library seeds.

I also planted some bean seeds but the plants are very short.  I don’t think I will get  a bean crop this year.

Next year I will try to plant a little earlier.



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