Daily Haiku / Senryu : Mighty

recall Mighty Mouse
Here I come to save the day!
now ads lead the film

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I remember as a kid going to the movies.  They always led with a newsreel, one ad (yeah, just one!), and a cartoon.  Oh, and the Star Spangled Banner.  The song and the pledge allegiance was because my dad was in the Air Force and it was a theater on base.

I loved watching those cartoons although I did feel sorry for the cats.  Poor cats! They were always the bad guys and getting beaten up nine ways to Sunday.

I think it’s sad the movie cartoon shorts have been replaced by a stream of ads.  Such is life. Everything changes.


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Still from Mighty Mouse – “The Mouse of Tomorrow” – Castle Films Version
Youtube film uploaded by Stu’s Show
In it’s first film, back in October 1942, Mighty Mouse was known as Super Mouse. He became Mighty Mouse in 1944. Interestingly enough, the original concept of (Super) Mighty Mouse by Izzy Klein was a super housefly named Superfly! But Terrytoons’ studio head Paul Terry decided a mouse would be better and thus a star was born. Coincidentally, October 1942, Coo Coo Comics in their first issue introduced Supermouse who became one of their longest running comic book hero for the company. Kin Platt had worked for Terry-toons Comics before he moved over and created Supermouse so there is some speculation he got the idea from the animated film talk floating around the studio before he left. Some write that Paul Terry changed the name to Mighty Mouse because the studio did not want to give free advertising to a comic they didn’t own but I have to wonder why did he wait two years before he did so?

Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse and The Mouse of Tomorrow, dated 11/10/2016
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Mighty Mouse
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Supermouse, the Big Cheese

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Kin Platt

On Amazon: boy, lots of stuff on Amazon related to Mighty Mouse.  Mostly t-shirts and things.  I did find a new book on Paul Terry and Terrytoons published just this week so no reviews yet.  A couple of DVDS: the classic and a remake.  And someone has digitized a couple issues of the Coo Coo comic with Super Mouse.

Mighty Mouse and Friends Vol. 1 DVD

Terrytoons: The Story of Paul Terry and His Classic Cartoon Factory, pub 9/2017 by Indiana Univ Press

Coo Coo Issues 46 and 47. Featuring super mouse. Golden Age Digital Comics.

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures – The Complete Series (by Ralph Bakshi) DVD

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