Daily haiku / senryu : Thorny


my brand new blog veers
stay? move? new name? lost views, likes!
a thorny debate

haiku by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

I think most new bloggers like myself hit this point where their first blog name no longer fits or one category takes off.  Part of it is as you write, you find out what you want to write.

Making a name jump is a little scarey.  Views and likes are so precious when you’re beginning because there are so few of them.  I met a guy recently who talked casually of not keeping up with his blog as it has a life of it’s own with more than 400 followers.  I was happy with getting ten, lol.

So losing view counts, likes and maybe followers as you split is a tad scarey.  I took a couple weeks to make up my mind after I thought of a new name as I was worried about the tech aspect of moving — it was much easier than I espected although there is a lot of cleanup still to do — have to add all my featured images back, for example, and my blog roll.

Like all new things, it’s not until you’re in the future that you can look back and see if it was a great idea to move or if the old neighborhood was a much better fit.  At least the name is shorter and I snagged a “.com”.  Those are getting scarce on the ground.

I like my new name and I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well.

So what about you?  are you contemplating a name change?  a new blog? or already changed?  if you already changed, how did it go?


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