Senryu: A famous encounter


auntie sheriff said
once she arrested Scooby
it was a weird night

She doesn’t talk about that night much.  Just said good thing Henry was fast with a gun as they had a slight problem with a chimp.  She’d shake her head, look into her coffee, saying that was the night she Continue reading Senryu: A famous encounter

tanka: neophyte cat’s pajamas


neophyte blogger
thinking about what to write
going to type soon
comfy warm cat’s pajamas
best part of the job — the clothes!

tanka by M. Nakzazato LaFreniere



Sunday Writing Prompt #228 “It’s All In The Title”
(choosing one from 10 titles:  The Cat’s Pajamas)
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

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Halloween senryu: bringing home strays


can I keep him, mum?
huh? bringing home strays again?
animals only!

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere


Inspiration: “People Who Don’t Know They’re Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to do About it”

Sunday Writing Prompt #226 – What’s in a Name?
scribblersdip challenges you to choose one title among 10 to write to.  I love these quirky crazy titles but I had to choose only one so I did.
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

second life photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner

Halloween Senryu : Zombies


Amber yelled, “Back off!
I am not on your diet”
Zombies don’t listen

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Zombies Prefer Redheads: a Halloween tale

Fiery-haired Amber grumbles, “Let’s go to the outdoor concert, she says. Cool autumn night, great music. It’ll be fun, she says. Fun, my ass! Hungry zombie cheerleaders show up. Uh huh. You ever see a cheerleader go off her diet? It’s not a pretty sight.”

Amber sets the pump shotgun against her shoulder,

“Back off! I am not on your diet!”

Once Kelly could belt out cheers and handle the most intricate routines. Now the zombie cheerleader moans, shambling forward.

Amber steps back, falling over a stone. She manages to keep ahold of the shotgun as she goes down. “Damn it, if you don’t back off, I’m going to blow your head off!”

And so she does.

senryu, story, and second life photo by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner
special thanks to Amber Icestron, the indomitable redhead
zombies and poses by Something New Props n’ Poses
set design by Winter Phoenix

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: zombie

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Daily Haiku / Senryu : Surreal


build seperately
pieced together, cogs fitting
an exquisite corpse

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Exquisite corpse, a surrealist game, is played by several people.

  • On the top third of the page first person draws the head
  • When done, the first person folds the paper in one third, hiding their drawing and passes it to the next person.
  • Without looking, the second person draws the torso in the middle third
  • When done, the person folds the paper, now hiding the middle and top thirds, and passes it to the third person
  • Without looking, the third person draws the legs and feet
  • When done, the paper is unfolded, revealing the exquisite corpse

Life is a lot like that, I think.  One often builds on something without knowing what has gone before.  Then it unfolds revealing how our piece fits in but also how what other people have done also fits together in surprising ways.


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Senryu : Skeleton


rock n’ roll heaven
playing this gig forever
no one stops the beat

senryu by M. Nakazato LaFreniere

Tribute to musicians who passed in 2016 by Mark Naumann on youtube


the 24th: Skeleton
JNW’s Halloween Challenge

Rock Show Whiplash Font by Segments Design (aka Last Soundtrack), Dafont, donationware

second life photograph by M. Nakazato LaFreniere, avatar Kayla Woodrunner